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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is an HPH Full Lace Wig the same as a Lace Front Wig?
A. No. The entire base construction of an HPH Full Lace Wig is all lace. A Lace Front Wig can be machine made and only the front has a lace attached. Our HPH Full Lace Wig is extremely lightweight and absolutely natural! Also the fit of our wig is unlike any other. Because of the 2" built-in stretch in the base, the system forms to the contour of your head without creating pockets of air.


Q. What's the difference between a regular
wig and an HPH Full Lace Wig?

A. The most common wigs are heavy, machine made, and can get extremely hot from being constructed of thick, heavy materials.
The HPH Full Lace Wig is just that, full lace! So it allows the scalp to breath freely without retaining any heat build-up.


Q. Is an HPH Full Lace Wig right for me
even after Alopecia or Chemotherapy?
Definitely! The HPH Full Lace Wig is made of a soft lace material so it is very comfortable even when skin is sensitive or irritated. It covers any bald spot or total baldness, naturally!


Q. How do I attach my wig?
Any of our hair systems can be attached with a variety of methods.
1. Double-Sided adhesive tapes. For example our Red-Liner Tape (Item #102 or #106) for 1-3 day attachment. Can be removed daily.
2. Double-Sided adhesive tapes for 3-4 week attachment. For example our Matte Bonding Tape (Item #109, #115 or #116). Can also be removed daily, but will need to be refreshed using our liquid glue (Item #201)
3. Comb-Clips for anytime attachment and removal. Grips onto your existing hair for a simple attachment! Or our soft comb clips (1", 2" or 3" wide, ordered seperately).


Q. Is it possible to dye the hair of my wig?
Synthetic hair wigs cannot be colored. Human Hair wigs can be colored just like your own hair, but not recommended because additional chemical processes can damage the hair.


Q. Can my curly/wavy, textured wig be
straightened/relaxed? Or vice-versa?
Yes, Human Hair wigs can be straightened/curled just like your own hair.
Synthetic hair wigs can also be straightened/curled using steam. We recommend letting a stylist or us do this for you, as any heat can severely damage synthetic hair.


Q. Can my wig be repaired or have hair added?
Yes, no problem! We use the same single-hair knotting to make your wig look like brand new!


Q. What sizes are available?
The most common size is 22"-22.5" circumference measurements. So all of our stock systems are this size. But any size can be custom-made, no problem!


Q. What hair lengths are available?
Stock length is 12". Any additional length, up to 32", is $20/inch above 12"


Q. What hair colors are available?
In stock we have colors 1, 1B, and 2. But we also have many more colors (must be custom made), order our women's color ring ($10 refundable) or come take a look at one of our studio locations.


Q. What curls/waves are available?
See photos of curls/waves here, order our curl/wave ring ($40 refundable), or come to one of our studio locations.


Color-Off - hair color
stain remover.
Pleasant smell, fast working, all natural!

1 oz - $1.50
8 oz - $8.95


All prices are subject to change without notice!
All prices are in US Dollars.

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