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From MK Jacobellis
Date: Dec 14th, 2011
Subject: THANK YOU!
I cannot believe how amazing these extensions are! I am beyond impressed. I have tried so many different clip-ons and never has anything come even close to these. You cannot feel them on your head. Simply Brilliant! You guys rule! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I can actually look in the mirror again without wanting to cry. I feel pretty again!
Please let me know if you are expanding your business and need sales people in the southern California area. I would be thrill to help represent your hair products that will, without a doubt, sell itself.
It is so refreshing to deal with a company that acquires their business through their good word. Your advertisement is exactly what I got. Very rare these days with tricky ads.
I know it sounds vain (it's just hair right?) Unfortunately, mine wasn't and still isn't growing fast enough. I have literally been in limbo mode waiting for this mess to grow out. In the meantime, trying to style this awkward growth like disaster has slowly been driving me insane. Have not had a good hair day in over a year. Not even after a professional cut and blow-dry.
My only regret is having it take a year to finally find a solution to a miserable existence. This is why I brought up needing sales reps earlier. You guys could build an empire with what you got going on here. California girls are obsessed with hair! think about it and your happy customers. God Bless and please don't ever go away. (If you do, take me with you!) LOL






Color-Off - hair color
stain remover.
Pleasant smell, fast working, all natural!

1 oz - $1.50
8 oz - $8.95


All prices are subject to change without notice!
All prices are in US Dollars.

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