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Bonding Instructions



For men and women who want to have the hair system attached for 3-5 weeks. Sleep - shower - swim - sports etc.


Bonding procedure (Do-It-Yourself) with the

HPH Matte Bonding Tape (Item #'s 109, 115 or 116)

First of all make sure the scalp is shaved and well cleaned, using shampoo or rubbing alcohol. Apply, to the edge of your bald area, equivalent  to where the tapes will be coming into contact with your head, our Scalp Protector (Item #404) and let dry for approximately 3 minutes. You can apply the Matte Bonding tape directly to the perimeter of the base, peel the paper covering off, and spray a light mist of rubbing alcohol (available at any drug store), over the bonding tape. This allows you to adjust the hair system for approximately 1 minute on your head, for you to be able to find the desired position. Then press down firmly and you are ready to go!



Bonding procedure (do it yourself) with the


1. Shave head, but leave little hair stubbles (for added grip)

2. Clean scalp with shampoo or rubbing alcohol

3. Apply the Red High Tack Tape (Item # 102 or 106) or the One sided Adhesive Tape" (Item #114) on the  perimeter of the hair system.

4. Then using a small brush, apply the 4 week bonding glue in a very thin layer, onto the head, and also apply the bonding glue onto the tape, which you have already applied to the base. This type of attachment is much more simple, because when you remove after approximately 4 weeks, the tape will pull the "gummy" bonding glue residue off the the hair system! 

For heavy cleaning of the hair system, it is not a problem to soak the unit overnight in a bowl, filled with our HPH Adhesive Tape Remover (Item #302 ). Make sure you shampoo and rinse with water very well after soaking in the remover.


Tape, Liquid and Clip Attachments

Tape Attachment for 1-3 days:

With the newest adhesive technology, tape attachment is the best and relatively easy to do and extremely secure. The best tape is our "red-liner A Shape tape" (Item #106) for the front and back and the "red-liner 1 x 3 inch tape" (Item #102) for the sides etc.


Medical Grade Adhesive Glue (Item #201)

"Dab On" Adhesive bottle to reactivate any adhesive tape. "Dab On" adhesive should be used on top of a double sides adhesive tape. To apply, the dabber must be pressed down to allow adhesive to flow. Apply generously and let dry until tacky before applying the system. For an extremely strong adhesion, you can apply the dabber adhesive to the corresponding area of the scalp and allow to dry until tacky. Apply your hair system in position and firmly press down.



Color-Off - hair color
stain remover.
Pleasant smell, fast working, all natural!

1 oz - $1.50
8 oz - $8.95


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All prices are in US Dollars.

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